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I Am A Mum That Currently Works Outside Of The Home And I Want To Start Working From Home, How Do I

You are a mum who would love nothing more than to start your own home based business and work from home. Currently, you work outside of the home and are now ready to make the transition into being a work from home mum. This can be an exciting and life changing time for you and there are questions that you would like answered. If you are a mum who works outside of the home and you now want to start working from home, how do you tell your boss?

This is a question asked by many mums who want to start working from home. You have the desire and determination to start your own business but you have also worked at your current job for a long time. What will your coworkers think and how will your boss react? You may have had the same boss for a number of years now and feel loyal towards him or her. You have made up your mind but you are also nervous about breaking the news to your boss.

When you tell your boss that you are going to be a work from home mum, it is important to be respectful and courteous. The first thing you should think about is the amount of notice you are going to give your boss in regard to your departure. No matter what kind of history you have had with your boss, you should not just up and quit without any notice. If you have worked under your boss or for the company for a long time, you may need to use their name as a reference sometime down the road. As your work from home adventure begins, potential clients and customers may want to know a little about your work history and want you to provide them with the names and telephone numbers of those they can call who will vouch for you.

When deciding to be a work from home mum, many have never tried to start a home based business before. While it is a great opportunity, some mums do find that working from home is not the right thing for them. If this happens and you need to find a job, you want to still be on good terms with your boss. Even if you do not go back to work for that company, you will still need to use your old boss's name for a reference when looking for a new job. While this situation will probably not happen to you because you have the power to succeed working from home, it also does not hurt to have a back up plan.

When you have the conversation with your boss where you tell him or her that you are leaving the company that you work for, give them the reason why but do not get too personal. Tell your boss that you want to explore a new opportunity and that you have seen other mums be successful working from home. Never tell your boss that you are leaving because they did not treat you right or that your pay is too low, even if that is the truth. Keep it professional and you will end up with a reference for life that can come in handy when you are starting your home based business.

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