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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 9 February 2011

To think about climbing the ladder of life is sometimes amusing. Everybody wants to climb up, nobody wanted to be left on the ground. But sad to say, not every one can get to the summit. Some may make their best rise in brief length of time and when they turn back and look at the distance they have come, they tend to forgot that they already had taken a lengthy step forward. Others may strive hard to achieve the summit but still they are not in motion. They become desperate and lose hope along the process. The reality is painful to grasp for us all.

For anyone to win over any difficulties in life is a remarkable achievement. Keeping ahead and continuously leading through living life even when you fell down at every step is already an accomplishment. Achieving success is not measured by how many times you fell down, but it’s how many times you rise from the ground and continue climbing the ladder of life. Life does not end at a single step of failure; it is a continuous process.

On the other side of success, you may get stuck on your climb. Still, continue taking one step after another, your time will come and the summit will be reached soon. Do not do things all at once or you will be overwhelmed with the great bulk of work you must perform along the process. Do not be greedy of taking your steps forward. Life’s success is not done overnight. Let every source of power you have work each day and enhance its golden opportunities. Appreciate and be grateful to others’ assistance. Continue climbing the ladder of life step by step.

Imagine life going with no right direction. You travel with no correct destination, spending resources without knowing the purposes. In this world, nothing is permanent, what resources you may have today may be lost tomorrow.

To achieve your goals and avoid getting lost, you must value the importance of understanding the process of climbing the ladder of life. From there, you will discover that “life is amazing!”. Live your life at the top.

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