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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 15 September 2010

Have you ever wondered what is the main key element to achieving a short or even a long term goal? Is there a special magic dust or potion that all successful people have?

I personally wondered this myself for so many years.. I used to watch people reaching my goals before me and think.. wow that is so not fair.. they have this going for them.. that is why they got there before me. Oh and they also knew this person and had so much more spare time etc etc.

But of more recent times and after years of working on myself with Personal Development, I now know what that special key to success is.. Would you like to know?

CONSISTENCY! Yes Consistency… Now this doesn’t mean.. a bit here and a bit there. It means the same thing over and over and over.. everyday or every week ongoing until you get the result you are after.

Now I don’t mean do the same thing over and over if it is not giving you results.. for example if you were posting adverts on this one particular website for a few weeks and you did not receive any response at all.. you would want to be changing the site you are posting to… but the consitent part of that would be to not stop posting adverts all together just because that advert got no results.. Find a new site and keep going!

Now this can be applied to all aspects of your life.. whether it business, sport, relationships etc

As long as you have a clear vision and purpose… being consistent in the action to achieve the GOAL will get you there everytime.

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