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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 1 November 2011

It still surprises me every day how many people I meet that have never written down their goals. A lot of people think that if they have a dream in their head, that’s a goal. A goal really isn’t a goal until you have written it down.

So how do I write my goals? I have a few strategies which work for me that I would love to share.

I have an A6 spiral notepad. In the back of the book are my BIG long term goals - the dream goals. A few pages in from there are my affirmations which are basically my goals stated as they are already true - in the “I AM” format. In the front of my book are my monthly goals - the stepping stone goals. I only write these at the start of each month not in advance. So I may have a list of 5-10 goals for the month (which are small steps towards my bigger goals).

To make it even more fun, you could have a reward at the bottom of each month. Eg when I achieve 5 goals this month I will treat myself to an hour massage. The tip here is to actually do the reward when you deserve to and not before.

How do you do goal setting? It is written, visual? What strategies do you use?

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