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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 15 February 2011

Love is an interesting concept. While we may think of love as a positive emotion, true love involves no emotion at all. Love is unconditional. If love was a positive emotion, then according to universal law, it would have an opposite negative. We may call this hate I guess. But classing love as the opposite to hate takes away its unconditionality! It is no longer PURE. Maybe when we think of that positive emotion that we sometimes incorrectly call love, we really mean Lust or Desire – something we want, and something we want to hold on to because it makes us FEEEEEEEEL GOOOOOOOD.

The beautiful thing about TRUE PURE LOVE is that it exists without an opposite. It just IS! It is a place of neither feeling good or bad. It does not apply to objects or other people. It doesn’t drive or hold back, we can’t gain it or lose it. It just IS.

So where is it then? This is where it gets so really amazingly simple that it’s so large that your mind cannot truly understand it. Your heart understands it though.

Love is at the centre and the edge of everything. That includes you. It includes the atoms that make you. It includes all the others around you and all the objects in existence. It is that place where you don’t feel either good or bad but you feel COMPLETE, CENTRED, EXPANDED – at one with everything all at the same time – you know that place. That is love. It is everything and it connects everything together as one. The fabric. Love doesn’t apply to things, it is things.


This Valentines day, understand love for the brilliance of what it is. We all have it, we are all part of it, we are all it!

Written by my wonderful husband Dr Andrew Bartlett

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