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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 13 June 2011

Are you a procrastinator? Do you keep putting things off, just because?

There really is no better time than now. You never know what is around the corner; you never know what tomorrow will bring and whether you will be able to complete those things on your “TO DO” list.

I think procrastination is the biggest reason that most people never achieve the things they want to in life. A great example is losing weight. So many people want to lose weight and say that tomorrow they will start their ‘DIET’ and then tomorrow comes and there is another excuse or reason why they push it back to start again tomorrow and tomorrow and then tomorrow. Surprise-surprise: tomorrow never actually comes, have you ever heard of a day called tomorrow? There is no such thing.

What about that income goal you have? That great idea you had to generate a larger income for you and your family. What happened? Why didn’t you take action on it? Was it because you thought tomorrow would be a better day? Or maybe you thought that if you did it tomorrow it would be easier?

If you really want all the things in life that you have on your GOAL list, then you need to become a person on action TODAY! Not a procrastinator.

The fortune really is in the follow through, so if you don’t follow through but procrastinate, you really can’t expect to have all your BIG DREAMS and GOALS.

What are you going to take action on today that you have been procrastinating over?

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