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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 6 June 2011

Would you prefer to be part of the minority? Or the Majority?

The most successful people around the world are by far part of the Minority…

There are a few questions to ask yourself to find out which group you belong too:

  • Do you make decisions that break you out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you always looking for: What else can I do? Going that little bit extra?
  • Do you have a vision? A set plan of what you want to experience in life? Written down?
  • Do you stop doing something you hate, no matter what others think or say?
  • Are you always coming up with new ideas, new ways to do things because you want to stand out, not just blend in with everyone else?
  • Are you a visionary, not a follower? Are you a leader? Do you guide others towards a better way?
  • Do you consistently, everyday, work on yourself to take it to the next level?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions then you are living in the Minority! Congratulations!

Unfortunately for people living in the Majority, they don’t really have a set plan for their life. They are typically following someone else’s plan… Just staying within their box they call life and too scared to break out and follow their own life path.

If you find you are living in the Majority, what can you do about it? First thing would be write down your goals and dreams. Then ask yourself the question… Knowing that all my goals will be reality what 3 actions am I going to take today towards making them happen? Another tip would be start working on yourself; Personal Development is a huge key to moving away from the Majority mindset.

I know which way I decide to live my life… Minority all the way… I want to live my life… not someone else’s!

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Tags: Personal Development

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