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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 6 September 2011

Achieving work life balance is not the easiest, quickest thing to do. It can take a long time to work out exactly what that means for you. I personally think that Work/ Life Balance can only be achieved once you are in the place of Gratitude and Joy. Because once you are happy with your work, happy with your personal life and happy with your financial situation, the work life balance can be more of an organic thing. As the pressure and the hard work is more relaxed and you can switch off and really be open to spending quality time at home.

If you start a new business looking for Time Freedom, Flexibility and Work Life Balance, you cant expect this to happen for you the first day. It takes time to put the rungs on the ladder, once you have put the consistent time and effort needed, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Work Life Balance.

Another key point to work life balance is to make sure you are very organised. I find that a very strong DMO (Daily Method of Operation) so having everything scheduled from personal to business. It means you can be structured and enjoy the things you want to. As long as you follow it of course.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Work/ Life Balance and what that means for you, and how you achieve it!

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