Attention People who want to finally put personal development to good use and make money. If you have been practicing personal development all your life, or have ever been curious about what it can do for you, then keep reading to discover…

"How To Capitalize On The Personal Development Industry With Stand Alone Products That Deliver Life Changing Results In 30 Days And Finally Put You In Control Of Your Financial Well-Being"


From: Lee Anne Bartlett, Monday 5th October 2009 8:47 am
Subject: The Personal Development Movement

Dear Friend,

Not too long ago I was much like you and had no idea how important personal development was. I was young, successful and I thought I had it all figured out. However, it wasn’t until I experienced one of the toughest times in my life that I discovered personal development for myself.

And that’s when it call change…

Through my adversity I discovered how powerful this stuff really is and that it wasn’t just some new age hocus pocus! I used a few key principals to go from the deps of despair to financial success in less than a year.

If it were only that simple for everyone…

  • Are you currently in a similar position right now and feel like there is no way out?
  • Have you always noticed that what you are habitually thinking about is what you experience daily?
  • Do you feel that if you were in control of your financial future things would be different?
  • Have you always considered yourself a positive person but just can’t seem to get ahead?

It’s not your fault…the majority of the population is consistently going through the motions with no way out or a plan of action. If you are to break free from the daily grind and finally achieve greatness, then you must be part of an organization of like minded individuals with the same agenda for success.

You see…I’m all about personal development, however, it wasn’t until I discovered a company who’s primary focus is to help people just like you achieve true life success.


Here’s What I Discovered…

In today’s day and age there are literally millions of people just like you who are tired of the same old grind and are ready to take some bold action and step outside the box. And like you…they just require some direction and a company that they can become a part of that not only shares the same vision for success but provides a solid income vehicle to become more.

And that company is Polaris Media Group!


So What Is Polaris Media Group?


Polaris Media Group is an international community of successful men and women who believe in social responsibility through entrepreneurism and developing highly motivated, self-sufficient, and successful people. Our goal is instilling competence through the application of proven entrepreneurial principles. .

Wait A Minute…Did You Just Say A Community Of Successful of Successful Men and Women?!

Yes I did. However, you are probably thinking Polaris Media Group is just another overly hyped “community” of a handful of successful entrepreneurs while everyone else is faking it till they make it. You couldn’t be more wrong, Polaris Media Group is truly a community of real people achieving real results.

Not only is Polaris Media Group a community of real entrepreneurs who achieve results and are willing to help you do the same, but we have the most dynamic educational platform and compensation plan available today!

Were talking leverage, lifetime residual income and large upfront profits.


Here’s How The Polaris Media Group Business Works…

  • Individuals just like you who are looking for a personal and financial makeover respond to and ad just like this
  • Next, they are presented with a short video of what we have to offer and proceed to investigate further
  • Then they have the opportunity to review the business and library of stand alone products
  • Finally they can choose to become part of our community or use the products for education only.


Why It Works…

Simple…Polaris Media Group gives individuals just like you the opportunity to become part of a supportive community that not only assist you to build a business but is also there to help you manage the six inches between you ears. When you combine personal development, a supportive community and a lucrative business model…you are setup for success.

Polaris Media Group builds your entrepreneurial mindset , establishes wealth consciousness and assists you to grow a profitable business that will change your financial well-being forever.


What Are The Products

Polaris Media Groups entrepreneurial educational publications, dvd's, curriculums and empowering events allow regular people to achieve success, improve their competence, enhance their self confidence and gain self reliance.

Basically…we provide educational products to help people live more fulfilling lives and make more money.

Take a look for yourself…


Know For Yourself
The development of the personal computer and the explosive growth of the Internet has made information about any subject easily available.

Combined with the media, we experience a constant surge of information. Living in "the information age" does not guarantee the information is true or unbiased. It often feels like the "age of misinformation."

With all that's happening in the world and in life, how can you gain certainty, confidence in your ability to know and live a powerful life? Know For Yourself with this powerful DVD.

Beyond Freedom Departure
Departure is your next step in your Beyond Freedom Evolution™.

This three-phase multi-media learning system is your launch pad to self-reliance and personal freedom.

Here you will learn vital distinctions which separate successful individuals from those stuck in a rut. Utilizing data from studying successful people, the Departure program will help you to dramatically increase your ability to Know For Yourself™, and help you gain confidence through examples from real-world achievers.

Beyond Freedom Decision
In this three-phase series, you will learn the values of decisiveness and what it takes to make personal choices resulting in improved self reliance and certainty. See for yourself how your past decisions are impacting your life today. In business and in life, leaders and entrepreneurs are decision-makers. Learn how to be a leader in your own life with new found self confidence in decision-making.

Beyond Freedom Action
Action is the bridge between philosophy and results. You will learn the keys to managing activities and getting more done in less time leading to more personal freedom. Learn true prioritization and how to overcome procrastination that is influencing your decisions.

Here, you will develop new habits which help make you achieve success. Once completed, you are on your way to achieving success and be prepared for the Beyond Freedom Evolution™ advanced courses.

Beyond Freedom
If you want to gain confidence or improve your life this is for you. Beyond Freedom consists of three-part audio CD course, DVD, Action Workbook, Journal, Goal Achievement tools and Beyond Freedom Reminder Band.

Learn how successful entrepreneurs for nearly a decade have applied timeless principles to achieve success in their daily lives. If you are looking for direction on achieving success and a proven path of action to follow, then Beyond Freedom is a great way to start.

Beyond Freedom Evolution Launch Package
The Beyond Freedom Evolution Launch Package includes Departure, Decision, Action and as a special bonus, the original Beyond Freedom 90-day course.

Beyond Freedom consists of a three-part audio CD course, DVD, Action Workbook, Journal, Goal Achievement tools and Beyond Freedom Reminder Band. Each Departure, Decision and Action Course contains three individual models complete with DVD, workbook and journal.

Empower yourself with this amazing package of learning tools that will help you achieve the success and self confidence that you previously only dreamed of. The Beyond Freedom Launch Package is available with a savings of more than 40% of the full retail value of all programs combined for individuals committed to their journey of self-improvement.

Foundation Live is an inspiring 1 day motivational workshop with inspiring presentations on how to succeed in life, in relationships and in business.

For many, this event is the first time they meet the people they have learned from and worked with on their Beyond Freedom Evolution™ journey. Held regionally, attendees gain confidence and self reliance while making new like-minded friends. This event could be the best investment you ever made for yourself and your family.

Sovereignty Live is a three-day event for two adults delivered twice per year at world-class locations.

It is designed to accelerate each participant's self confidence, self reliance and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. Interactive workshops and seminars cover topics such as communication, goal/target development, entrepreneurial perspective and wealth creation.

The atmosphere is relaxed and playful with many participants returning with family. There is ample fun time to visit local attractions and adventures.

Influence Live™ is an annual five-day premier event at world-class locations for two adults. It brings together the most committed and purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders in the Beyond Freedom™ community.

The event focuses on leadership development and application of proven entrepreneurial skills. A highlight of the event is world-class motivational and inspirational speakers.

Workshops topics cover success strategies, wealth creation, interdependent relationships, purpose, how to achieve success and organizational integrity. Previous events have been held in South Africa, Hawaii, Sydney, Rome, Athens and Fiji.


How You Make Money With These Products

With our complete library of life changing products you can earn generous commissions. In addition, with our dynamic compensation plan, you are not limited to just products sold only by you. You have the ability to earn commissions from anyone in your organization from multiple channels.

To tell you the truth…there are so many ways to earn money, it’s hard to keep track.


The Benefits Of Polaris Media Group

1. You have the ability to generate income quickly with a large library of products

2. You have complete flexibility…work park time or full time just depends on
     how much you want to make

3. We have a solid track record of 8+ years so you can bank your future on us

4. Innovative business model

5. Propriety products in high demand


“Bottom Line…Polaris Media Group Changes Lives”

Polaris Media Group has changed lives of individuals just like you for the past 9 years. When you combine our compensation plan, innovative product line, a community of like minded entrepreneurs that promote wealth consciousness and support one another…you can’t lose

But don’t take my word for it…


Here Is What Others Had
To Say About Polaris Media Group




Discover Polaris Media Group For Yourself

Polaris Media Group is real, and the lives of individuals just like you have been transformed forever. However, I am not asking you to jump in with both feet (if you want to that’s okay too), what I am asking you to do is to “Know For Yourself” if this is the right opportunity for you.

You are in the same position I was in before I got started and like you I required a little more information on my own time to decide if Polaris Media Group was right for me.

So here’s the solution…

I am going to give you the opportunity to look behind the curtain and see what Polaris Media Group is all about and experience Polaris Media Group from the comfort of your home with the Know For Yourself DVD. This way you can make an informed decision and decide if we are right for you.

When you order your Know For Yourself DVD today, you will also receive:

1. Access to the Polaris Media Group Community $99 Value


  • Mentoring by 6 and 7 figure income earners
  • Support on your entrepreneurial journey
  • Community to grow with and share life experiences

2. Personal One-On-One Support $99 Value


  • Polaris Media Group Distributor personal contact info
  • Unlimited Q & A to help you with any unanswered questions
  • Support from day 1

3. Instant Savings on the Know For Yourself DVD $5 Value


  • Coupon code for instant discount
  • Shipped right to your door without delay

In Summary…Here’s What You Will Receive Today

1. Access to the Polaris Media Group Community $99 Value
2. Dedicated one-one-one support  $99 Value
Total Value
Yours Today $29.95
3.Coupon Instant Savings
Total $24.95




Why Am I Giving Away So Much With Your Purchase?

You will find that the information within Know For Yourself is nothing short of transformational. Even if you choose not to get started with Polaris Media Group, your life will be changed as a result of what you will discover within this DVD.


"My 365 Day Guarantee"

You can go through the entire Know For Yourself DVD without any risk for a FULL 365 days.

If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with the Know For Yourself DVD, just send it back within the next 365 days for a full, prompt refund and you have lost nothing.

The only way your life will not be completely transformed by this opportunity is if you order the Know For Yourself DVD, place it on your bookshelf and never even watch it.

Due To The High Demand Of The Know For Yourself DVD…I Am Only Allocating 47 Copies.

I have to be completely honest with you…

The Know For Yourself DVD will completely change the way you look at life, business, entrepreneurship and the home business industry. In fact, once you have watched it in its entirety, you will wonder what you have been doing with your life and realize it’s time for change.

If you are not one of the 47 who have the opportunity to claim one of my allocated copies, it could easily be months before you will have a chance to get one again. In fact…right now it is only $24.95 as our price could go up at anytime with increased demand.

Let me take a moment to be authentic with you…

What if you blow this opportunity off and don’t see what is inside Know For Yourself? What’s at stake if you don’t act?

  • Your job?
  • Your family?
  • Your physical well being?
  • Your relationships?
  • Your financial future?


Whether you choose to order Know For Yourself today does not impact my financial well-being. I am till going to wake up every morning warmly greeted by my children’s love and not an alarm clock. Each day I will continue to build a long lasting and passionate relationship with my spouse. Everyday I will continue to be in full control of my life because I choose in.




If not now…when?

If you don’t order Know For Yourself and discover how Polaris Media Group can transform your life, I am certain you will never have the courage to step outside the box and will forever live a life of uncertainty How do I know this? Because I have seen it with my own eyes time and time again.

However, for those who act now, today, in the moment…they will go on to live the life that the naysayer said could never be achieved.

So who are you?

Do you live in the moment and seize the day…or do you wait until tomorrow to act?

It’s like my good friend Robert said:

“The poor, the unsuccessful, the unhappy, the unhealthy are the ones who use the word tomorrow the most”

-Robert Kiyosaki

To Your Success,

Lee Anne

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