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A New Chapter Begins today

Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 25 February 2013
A New Chapter Begins today

It is amazing how much things can change in a year. The other night I had a huge realization. I am a totally different person then i was a year ago.

To share with you a little of the changes I have made, to me they seem huge for others they may seem small. But I am truly excited about how far I have come. Of course there is still so far to go, but I am enjoying the journey.

1. Exercise - I have never really been one for exercise or sport. I have had small bursts of times like going to the Gym for 6 months etc, but nothing really on a consistent basis. Where as now I get up at 4am every weekday to go to a 5am Crossfit class. The funny thing is I am actually enjoying it plus I am seeing some awesome results.

2. Eating - Most of my life I have been a yoyo dieter. Lost weight kept it off and then put it back on. For the past few years I have been pretty good but still had not adopted any healthy eating plan. Until I came across Paleo. I am now a convert, I love some of the awesome new foods & recipes I have discovered.

3. Financially - Wow this one has been huge for me. I used to work my ass off, very long days, all for not much income at all. I used to be highly stressed and always getting sick. Now days I make consistently double my past yearly income every month. I enjoy life more, I do things with family and friends and I am a better Mum and Wife.

For me all these things have come about by finding a company I am aligned with, a life changing product and a vehicle to create a spectacular income. Because of these things it has enabled me to create better life choices personally , health & fitness and eating wise.

All of that with the support of my family and my consistent work and drive.

I am excited to be BEING the new me in 2013!

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