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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 2 May 2011

Every business no matter what industry has busy and slow times. No one in business has the same month over and over and over. Because as we know nothing stays the same.. we are either evolving or dissolving.. and the same applies to your business!

So how do you ensure that your business is evolving and not dissolving? There are a few thoughts that come up for me here

1. Testing & Measuring

Just like your business, Advertising/Marketing changes. So an advert you had that was producing huge results may at some stage stop giving you the results you are after. So continually testing and measuring this you can then tweak the advert, or stop it and find a new place to market, keeping in mind you can always go back to it a few months later and you might find that you get the great results again. The key points with testing and measuring is change the things that aren’t working and keep the things that are. The best way to test and measure is ask every customer how they found you.. NOTE: If they say online or your website, go a little deeper and ask them were they on another website before finding yours or did they find you directly from a search engine

2. Ongoing Education to your Customers

You want to be providing your customers with an ongoing education service, not just selling them products/services. The more you educate your customers, the more you will find they will come to you wanting to buy more of what you have. The reason for this is they realise that you are there to assist them, that you want them to have the best option for them and that you aren’t there just to SELL them something and make money. While doing this you are also building yourself up to be the expert in your field, which means once again when you recommend something to your customer they are going to take it as the best option because you are the expert. The best way to do this is either start Blogging, Writing regular articles, emails etc even becoming a guest writer for another expert!

3. Personal & Professional Development

It comes back to the saying, you need to work more ON yourself/your business than you do working IN your business. The reason for this is, it comes down to Law of Attraction. If you are running your business from a place of enjoyment, happiness, excitement and passion you will attract more of the things that will give you more of those feelings. If you are working your bum off, hating what you are doing and hate having to get up and go to the office, guess what you are going to attract? More of the things you hate to do, more of the clients you don’t like to deal with and more of the lack of everything. So really start working on being grateful, work on finding an element of your business that you can re-spark the passion for. Use personal development programs and events and even coaches and mentors to assist you.

4. Be different

Be unique, be different, be yourself. Focusing on what your completion down the road is doing and copying them is not going to create results for you. It did for them because they were the first and took the step out of the box and did something a little different. So you need to be the same, be different, step out of the box and create the BUZZ for your business
Here is a great video talking about getting out of the box http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_6oVqWulgk

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