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Happy New Year - Welcome to 2012

Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 4 January 2012
Happy New Year - Welcome to 2012

Wow can you believe 2012 is here already?

I was shocked when I went shopping on the 27th December and they already had Easter Eggs out.. 2 days after Christmas!!

This year I am prepared. I have a PLAN.. I have my goal list ready and am going to work through them as quickly as I can, as I know last year time just slipped away and once you move something to the side to do “later” it just never seems to be later and the year is finished.

If you need a little assistance with writing your goals out, here is a simple plan you can use

Write a list of your Long Range Goals - What do I want in the next 1-10 years
Take 15 mins (write as many as you can – 50+ items)
Keeping in mind the following questions
What do I want to do? What do I want to be? What do I want to See? What do I want to Have? Where would I like to go? What would I like to share?

Once done number each item with years (either 1,3,5 or 10) – Check goals are in balance, even amount of each. Then choose 4 goals from each 1,3,5,10 Total 16 goals

Write a detailed description of what you want. Why do I want each item? (If you don’t have a great why replace that goal with another one)

NOTE: Review them daily/Weekly

Also write a list of your Short term Goals

What are your main goals for 2012? Personal or Business… What is your WHY? For achieving it!

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