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My amazing journey

Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 21 August 2015
My amazing journey
I have learnt that we can change our life, if we truly want to. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

As a Mum, Wife, Daughter and a business owner I wear a lot of different hats during the day. All of the roles I have, I love doing. Was this always the way?? Absolutely not.

Let me give you some background.

When I was 21 I started my own business, I was so excited that I was going to be in control of my life. I was going to have so much freedom, so much time to spend doing what I love. I was soon to realise this was not true. The first big mistake I made in business was to have a business partner join me. It was great for a while, she really did have some of the skills I was yet to learn which was great. But we did make some bad decisions and ended up losing a few hundred thousand dollars. My business partner then walked out and left me with the mess to sort out.

I then joined a franchise in my area and soon realized that what I had done was purchase myself a double full time job. I was working 60-70 hours a week, was paying myself around $30k per year (when I did pay myself, which was about 4 years out of the 10) and my children were living at childcare. Due to the long hours, I was highly stressed and overweight. I was also very restricted with where I could market and what marketing I could do and I had set fees from every sale that went to head office. Even when it came to selling my business I was restricted as to who could buy it from me. Yes I had my own business, but I was not in control of everything.



"When I worked out my hourly rate I was making $9.20 p/h as a franchise owner.. Crazy right??"

At the end of every month I would be a blubbering mess, stressed to the hilt wondering how I was going to pay the bills this month (and every other month) We were in over 7 figures worth of debt (I can tell you what that is not a good place to be mentally)

It was after the birth of my second child and only having two weeks away from the office before having to go back to work that I decided enough is enough. I wanted to be there for my family. Surely there was a better way to make an income without working myself into the ground. Really I wanted control back. I wanted to call the shots. I wanted to live my life.

So I started to get into Personal Development which has completely changed my life. The first personal development speaker I saw was Kurek Ashley, then I started watching The Secret. Life changing!! It was then I attracted the perfect home business for me

Was it easy when I started working 60+ hours in my franchise, being a Mum and running a part time business? No it wasn't. I had to get up early, stay up late, I was lacking some sleep. But I knew that a little short term pain would produce long term gain. You can not build a business overnight. You have to put in the hard yards to start, learn some new things and build the foundations.



I am extremely happy to say my hard word has paid off, I pinch myself everyday with what I have been able to create for myself and my family. We get to spend time with amazing inspirational people traveling around the world. In this past year we have been able to take our entire family (including parents) to USA for 3 weeks including Disneyland. We have travelled to Vegas in May to renew our wedding vows with friends. We then headed with the Europe for the most amazing cruise in June. In December this year we are off again to Ireland for a few weeks to spend time with friends we met in this business and we are so excited to be staying in a real castle.. My business comes with me and doesn't miss a beat. I love the freedom I have to work where I want and when I want.

I get paid to develop myself along the way. And I get to do this from home own my own schedule.

I am so very grateful for what I have learnt along this journey and so proud that I get to mentor and train others to achieve the same.

If I can do it, Anyone can. You just have to make the decision you want change, then back it up with massive action until it is achieved. Will it be worth it? Absolutely

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