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My Story - From over 7 figures of debt to a Life I love

Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 16 March 2016


Yes that is my story in a nutshell. I went from being a BUSY Mum/Franchise Owner. Working 60-70 hours a week, Overweight, Highly Stressed and really just not a fun person to be around. My children lived at Childcare and for all of that I was making not much at all income wise. Hence why we were in such a huge amount of debt. I tell you what that is not a place I want to be ever again.

In saying that I learnt a lot from that experience, I learnt lots of great lessons about debt and tax. So I would not change that experience. I did love my Franchise it just wasn't the right vehicle for me to create the life I desired.

When I decided to start a little online business alongside my Franchise many people thought I was crazy. But I had a fire in my belly, I had desire and I had a BIG WHY. Things had to change, this was not how I wanted life to be. I knew that I was destined for better things in life. I wanted to be a Mum who was there for all the events, school pick ups etc. I wanted to be a good wife one that was enjoyable to be around. I also wanted more time for me, to exercise to look after myself. And most of all I wanted to not have to worry about money, be able to say YES more and take my family on amazing experiences around the WORLD.

So by me saying YES (as scary as it was) I started on the right path, the path that has lead me to where I am today. Don't get me wrong to start it was hard work managing it all, 2 businesses and being a Mum. As they say, short term pain, long term gain. But it was totally worth it. I could not imagine where I would be today almost 7 years later. Would I still be working crazy hours, would I still be stressing over money, would I have had some kind of breakdown?? Possibly so. I really dread to think.

I love today that I get to work from home, or whereever I choose to work. We travel the world and take my parents with us too. My children have travelled to more countries than they have teeth and the experiences we have shared are absolutely priceless. We have achieved some absolutely amazing goals which would have never been possible in the past life we had.

Even better than this I have been able to assist others achieve similar. My passion is mentoring people and being able to assist people create what I have created is the best reward ever. Love that I get paid to grow and learn and inspire.

It all starts with a decision that you want to change, then some small steps in the right direction, consistent action and a big WHY! What is your WHY? Is it worth the risk? Absolutely

Start your new journey NOW and Be personally mentored by me ..



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