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Opportunity and Adversity

Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 13 July 2013
Opportunity and Adversity

As the saying goes Adversity brings Opportunity and it is true. Sometimes the biggest Adversity at the time when reflecting back on it, was the time you grew the most and brought such great opportunity.

What I have noticed over time in my life are a few things. Being in your comfort zone for too long tends to attract adversity. So often I will do things that take me out of my comfort zone as I have noticed that when I do this regularly I don't seem to have such big adversities thrown at me anymore.

What his has proven to me time and time again is that we do create our life by design and what we focus on we create.

I love that I have complete power over the journey I am on and that If I choose to take the road less travelled then I can. To experience new adventures and create new opportunities.


When has adversity in your life created an opportunity?

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