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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 15 November 2011

I am so excited as last week achieved a HUGE income goal I have had for a while now. My Goal was to achieve this in a month. $40,000 profit for the month. But to my amazement and excitement, I have hit this goal already this month (and it all happened in the space of just 4 days!) Yes 4 days!! So now I have the rest of the month to totally blitz my goal out of the water.

The most exciting thing for me about hitting this goal is that it now has become a reality for me and now a goal of double or even triple the amount is so much closer. And I I’ve experienced how easily it can be done. This last 30days for me have been really busy and I have not been trying TOO hard to achieve the goal. I have relaxed and let it happen.

So why am I sharing this with you? Not to impress you, but to share with you the realisation I have come too. When you absolutely love what you do and you continue to do it with Love, Passion and Excitement on a consistent basis, success will come (you just have to be patient and wait until the time is right for you.) You can not force it and make it happen when you want it too.

It has taken me a long time to accept this, as I am an I want it now person. So relax and know that if you do it with Love, Passion and Excitement on a consistent basis your success is on its way.

Get ready as it can come anytime and it will!

Would love to hear what exciting Goals you have achieved already this month?

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