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Success is up to you

Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 25 April 2012
Success is up to you

Success really is up to you. It is all about how you feel, how you act and what you do!

A lot of people including myself hold themselves back from having the success they want, for lots of different reasons. Of course we don’t do it on purpose, as who would do that right?

We do it by default, to protect ourselves from failure. As we subconsciously think that if we don’t put in the effort now or we don’t take action on that idea and don’t have success then we won’t have to worry about failing.

Which seems like a strange thing to do really looking at what that means. It means we would rather not aim for success just incase we fail if we do.

So as you can see success really comes down to a few things. First making the decision on what you want, Taking action on what you need to do and then sticking to it consistently until the desired result is achieved!

What is something you have wanted, that you attempted to do and then self-sabotaged yourself?

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