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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 8 November 2011

So many things come to mind when I think about what it means to be strong.

Being strong doesn’t mean bottling up your emotions or pretending that things aren’t happening.  Strong for me means seeing the problem/obstacle or the situation and not letting the force of it push you over. Looking at it from all angles and working out the best way to detour around it.

Being strong means thinking ahead and planning, working out the best way to tackle the next thing. Not laying down and thinking this is all too hard. Challenges and Adversity are part of life and are thrown at us to make us stronger, to help us grow. Without them, life would be easy and boring.

Sometimes we have to be strong for other people, even when we don’t feel strong ourselves. This is usually the times that we can grow the most and assist others in growing and becoming stronger too.

When have you had to be strong? When you really didn’t think you had it in you?

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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 1 November 2011

It still surprises me every day how many people I meet that have never written down their goals. A lot of people think that if they have a dream in their head, that’s a goal. A goal really isn’t a goal until you have written it down.

So how do I write my goals? I have a few strategies which work for me that I would love to share.

I have an A6 spiral notepad. In the back of the book are my BIG long term goals - the dream goals. A few pages in from there are my affirmations which are basically my goals stated as they are already true - in the “I AM” format. In the front of my book are my monthly goals - the stepping stone goals. I only write these at the start of each month not in advance. So I may have a list of 5-10 goals for the month (which are small steps towards my bigger goals).

To make it even more fun, you could have a reward at the bottom of each month. Eg when I achieve 5 goals this month I will treat myself to an hour massage. The tip here is to actually do the reward when you deserve to and not before.

How do you do goal setting? It is written, visual? What strategies do you use?

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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 25 October 2011

It is a very big topic at the moment. Many industries now require their employees or professional members to partake in Continuing Education to accrue “CE” points to keep their jobs or licenses... in Australia and around the world.

Continuing Education plays a big part in the continual and growing success of a person and a business.
Whether your Continuing Education is accredited or not, doesn’t really matter; as long as you are growing and learning new things that will assist you in taking yourself, your business or your position to the next level.

What kind of Continuing Education should you look at? I think Personal and Professional Education are the most important. Without them you could do all other manner of education in the world, but unless your mindset is properly developed, it may not get you where you want to go.

Continuing Education can come in the form of DVD’s, CD’s, Seminars or Online Webinars. You can choose any or all! Keep improving your knowledge along with your mindset and the results you will create for yourself will be amazing.

What Continuing Education have you done recently?

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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 18 October 2011

I am very excited today. My site rebranding has been completed. I love getting new things. It is kind of like having a holiday. No more of the mundane, same old same old. Having a fresh new look can give your business the boost you need.

When you have been in business for a little while and have had the same look and feel, been doing the same things, you find that you end up on a treadmill. Doing the same things everyday because they work. But think about this. Imagine increasing your production and increasing your conversions.

Being at the top of your game really does give you the edge over your competitors. People like to deal with people/companies that are established, who are always looking to improve (by either a fresh new look to their brand or a new product or service.)

So have a think about what you could do today to improve your businesses brand!

What have you done lately to “Tweak/Improve” your brand?

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Posted by Lee Anne Bartlett on 11 October 2011

Are you organised?

Or are you someone that likes to just take things as they come?

For me being organised has really assisted me to become more successful in my business. The main reason is because until I was organised I felt I wasn’t putting as much focussed, passionate energy around what I was doing. I was all over the place, doing a bit here and a bit there.

When you are not organised - doing a bit here and a bit there, you really don’t seem to achieve much at all. You never really seem able to focus solely on one thing and finish it to completion.
What does being organised look like for me? It means having everything scheduled into a calendar (or Daily Method of Operation - my DMO,) and then following it consistently. This means I can see at any one time I have to do in the moment or what times I have free coming up in my schedule. It really frees up the stress and worry around what I may have forgotten and what I still have to do. This is powerful and it gives me more time to be completely focused on the task at hand.

I personally use Outlook calendar that I sync with my Gmail Google calendar (so it appears on my Iphone) so my DMO travels around with me. I have even colour coded each thing as well which makes it even easier to see what the next activity is. I even go so far as scheduling time for showering, making dinner, clothes washing, and pretty much everything that I do in my day!

How do you keep yourself organised? What tools do you use to manage it effectively?

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